Tonight’s theme for our Parents & Educators’ class was about noticing ‘what’s pushing your buttons lately?’

Some days we have good days, some days not so good.

Just because we practice ’yoga’ doesn’t mean we are immune to the highs and lows of life.

If anything, we become even more sensitive to life. As we become more aware of our own feelings, and others too. We become more empathetic towards others. We feel other’s pain as it if it our own, and sometimes worse, we don’t even realise if some of our worries or pain are our own or carried for others :O

Sometimes when we practice yoga, we think we become immune to the harshness of life.

Apparently, we can stay in a happy bubble or calm bubble, whilst everything brushes past us.  I’m not sure about you, but I certainly feel the harshness of life sometimes.  Regardless, what bubble I practice in my meditation. Does that mean I’m not doing enough yoga? Does it mean I’m missing something?

No, it just means that we are human. We are built to feel our emotions. To have moments that make us happy, but also moments that make us uncomfortable and challenged. These are precious moments too. Who can remember a tough time in our lives? I’m sure we all can right? But what did we learn from that experience? How did it shape who we are now?   So, as much as we face difficult or challenging times, whether we like it or not – it is an opportunity to reflect on what we are learning from this experience.

So what ‘does’ push our buttons? Sure we can easily deflect this and blame our discomfort or experiences upon others and/or our situation. But let’s delve a little deeper…. What are we ‘really’ learning, in this experience? Or ‘can’ we learn in this experience. Although note, that the learnings of any experience is somewhat ‘optional’.

The situation and our environment, will be what it will be, but we have a moment in time where we can grasp this experience as an ‘opportunity’ to reflect and do some inward reflection. Kind of like a holiday, where we stop rushing around being busy, and start to reflect on what has been serving us in our lives lately… and what has not?

Tonight we learnt that its okay to have our buttons pushed. In these times where we are sharing space with children, partners or our own space for a long period of time – we are bound to experience discomfort and moments of challenges.

Prior to this period, we would react or deal with difficult times with perhaps an automatic reaction or ‘go-to solution’. We may automatically dismiss others, or try to move on quickly, without addressing the internal disharmony or discomfort.

Now, we have the opportunity and space to reflect and see if there is a better way to act or not react when our buttons are pushed. How can we take a step back in these moments and learn ‘why’ do we have the ‘knee jerk’ reactions when something happens?

What thought triggers these emotions, each time this happens? Is there a different approach, to these situations, that can help all parties to learn and grow more as an individual, and have a better understanding of one another?

So it’s interesting to see what has pushed our buttons lately.

Is it an opportunity to see where there is room for growth or new opportunities? Or it is just another experience to be pigeon-holed as another crappy or annoying experience – nevertheless, the choice is yours. J