Tonight’s theme for our Parents & Educators’ class was about having a ‘Different Perspective’.

We did some postures that helped us to release tension in our shoulders & back but also emotional tension in our thoughts and hearts. So it was a little challenging for some, as we intentionally shifted our tension in our bodies and refocused our ‘attention’ of our thoughts into a different way of being.  Let me explain further. (below)

Sometimes we worry about things that are out of our control. When these circumstances keep us in an uptight and tense position, both physically and/or metaphorically, it can be very tiring and draining of our energy.

Tonight, we explored taking a different perspective.

By doing the postures it helped us to, not only release tension, but also to re-set our brains and hearts, so that we can see with a bit more clarity and with a more relaxed approach.

When we relax our focus on things that we cannot control, we start to breath more easily. When our breath is more relaxed, something special happens, there is more ‘space’ in our bodies to move, more space between thoughts for new thoughts and perspective to arise – rather than recycle the same old thoughts that make us tense or worried.

Being able to breathe in deeper, allows for new opportunities for us to think and feel differently.  So yes, we ‘just did some yoga postures’ tonight to help us relax our bodies, so we can sleep better tonight. But some of us, felt an internal shift in gears and perspective in our approach to our daily lives.

A breath of fresh air to allow us to free ourselves of thoughts that make us feel tense, so that we can feel a new sense of freedom to move freely between our thoughts and emotions tomorrow.

An opportunity to see from a different perspective so that we can embrace each moment, and see the love and lightness, instead of the worries and judgement of how we think things ‘should be’ or how we ‘want them to be’.

For now, it is to switch off the monkey brain, to thank our brains for all the different thoughts it creates and processes each day, but to allow these thoughts to float on by, if they do not serve the greater purpose of our health and wellbeing. J Time to thank our bodies and mind for the amazing experiences that we can have and to thank our family and friends who can share the simple things in life that we may have overlooked in our previously known busy lives before covid. J

Hope you enjoy a different perspective after tonight’s class. J