Programs & Resources for Teachers & Educators

As part of our commitment to supporting educators as much as possible, we have different kids yoga programs and resources, such as kids yoga videos available, see below:


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Host a Yogafun Lunchtime Club
at your school

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Professional Development programs

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Become a Kids
Yoga teacher

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Free Resources (kids yoga videos, poses & posters)

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Download FREE Relaxation CD

We are always updating our resources for our teachers & educators, including our growing library of kids yoga videos of kids yoga postures. Download our latest Guided Relaxation CD and we’ll keep you posted of new kids yoga videos, poses, posters and resources.

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Professional Development (PD) Workshops
for Teachers & Educators

These fun, interactive and skills based PD workshops will help teachers with basic kids yoga postures, stress management (for students and for themselves) and a range of valuable skills for helping promote calm and focus in the classroom. This program includes free kids yoga posters, handouts and other resources.

The PD workshops can be designed to be 1-2 hours and a perfect, engaging and value packed addition to your teachers’ professional development calendar.

Many parents now seek out schools where teachers are skilled in areas such as promoting kids self-esteem, behaviour management and resilience. A Yogafun PD equips teachers with wonderful and effective basic skills in these areas, related to yoga and relaxation methods.

Possible PD Topics:

1. Your Yogafun Classroom Toolkit – An Interactive and Educational PD

Learn easy and effective kids yoga postures & techniques for the everyday classroom:

  • Instantly create a calmer classroom in minutes
  • Improve focus and concentration
  • Effectively manage class behaviour and energy levels
  • Enhance creativity, communication and discipline

“My daughter has become so much more CONFIDENT & CALM, after joining the Yogafun program, I highly recommend it to every child!”

J.Hartley, Parent (primary program)

2. ‘De-stress & Recharge My Teachers’ – Practical PD for Teachers & Educators

A great way to reward hardworking teachers who don’t get a chance to relax and recharge in their busy schedules:

  • Detangles the stress-related thoughts
  • Relaxes and clears the mind
  • Increases emotional intelligence and self-awareness
  • Caters for all levels of experience, especially beginners
  • Learn ways to manage stress on a everyday basis

Great for team-building and to de-stress teachers at your next staff meeting.

3. Practical Mindfulness Leadership – A Fun & Engaging PD to learn Mindfulness & SEL techniques for everyday situations

Learn easy and effective Mindfulness & Yoga techniques for the everyday situations in a FUN and engaging way:

  • Develop Practical Self-Awareness & Self-Regulation tools
  • Improve Focus and Concentration
  • Effectively Manage Challenging Situations
  • Enhance Communication and Relationships

Developing your team’s Mindfulness Leadership skills at your next staff meeting, can increase productivity and build a stronger team of cohesive mindful leaders for greater success.

Resources for Teachers & Educators

Yogafun resources are designed to equip you with knowledge and skills that you can use every day in the classroom, and to help increase awareness of yoga within your school environment. This includes information about kids yoga, relaxation for kids, self-esteem building and other related subjects.

To support teachers & educators as much as possible,
we have different FREE resources available:

FREE Guided Relaxation


FREE Kids Yoga Videos of
Kids Yoga Postures and more

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Here’s what some parents and teachers have said about the Yogafun program:

The boys love listening to Connie’s voice every night for bedtime.

Melanie Yoffa , Parent & Wellbeing Co-Ordinator

Want to become a Kids Yoga Teacher?

A fun, passionate and enthusiastic trainer & mentor, Connie will empower you to be a confident kids yoga teacher in no time. Her extensive knowledge about yoga and how to use it effectively as a self-esteem tool with children and young people is both informative and inspiring. Send us a message so we can discuss the best training program for you.

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